Minimizing My Wardrobe

I feel like this post could be five different posts in one, so I’m going to do my best to summarize my wardrobe transformation. This year especially, I’ve needed to rid myself of the cluttery closet to help give my mind some peace. In the past, when I was bored, I’d run to the mall or hop on the computer and buy something. I know now, that ultimately does not bring happiness. It can actually weigh you down and create depression, which was happening in my case. The over-flowing of my dresser drawers was a reminder of time wasted- wasted doing laundry, shopping, folding, re-folding, and a pretty good waste of money, too.

So I started with a big burst. I got rid of a large lump of clothes that either were ripped, I literally never wore once, or were just out of style. Off they went to local thrift stores, and it felt SO good, but I still had so many clothes. I started to analyze each piece and started to expand my search. I looked at my scarves, my socks, my jewelry. If I hadn’t worn it in the past six months, it was time to say goodbye. If I couldn’t find a matching sock, I put it in the to-go pile. This took a few hours to complete and was no easy task, but I managed to fill another trash bag full and again, it felt good.

So now I was left with about half of my wardrobe, which I still felt was too much. There were pieces left that I thought I would probably never wear, but they were expensive or a gift or for a special occasion. I came up with a plan.

For the clothes that I was unsure if I’d ever wear, I wore them. Each day, I picked out a piece that I thought I would never wear and I wore it all day.

I wore it to the grocery store, around the house, to bible study, to a family function, whatever I was doing that day, I wore something I didn’t think I would. THEN, at the end of the day, I decided whether or not that piece of clothing was functional, if I felt good in it, if it was comfortable and fit me well. I can tell you right now, the majority of those clothes, I got rid of.

I looked at my wardrobe and realized the clothes that I kept were comfy, multi-functional, and mostly neutral. I had always wondered what my “style” was and now I know. I feel good in what I wear and I spend much, much, MUCH less time doing laundry. How? I still wear clothes everyday, but I don’t need to change my outfit to go out at night, or to a soccer game, or to the dentist because all of the pieces are versatile. Sometimes, I even wear my outfit straight to bed!

Here are a few of my staple outfits.

This is just a very basic way to start minimizing your wardrobe, but like in most of my posts, I try to emphasize that it really is a lifestyle. No sense in cleaning out your closet if you’re just going to fill it back up. Encourage yourself to stay out of the stores and away from online shopping. If you’d like to find out more ways of keeping a minimal wardrobe, check out this blog by A Small Wardrobe. ย Below is a step-by-step guide on how I managed to minimize my wardrobe.

Guide to minimizing wardrobe

  1. Start by clearing off and making your bed. You’ll need space to lay out outfits, determine what shirt can go with what pants, a space to get organized.
  2. Grab three boxes. One for clothes you’ll give away, another for clothes you might want to keep, and a third for clothes you’ll definitely be keeping.
  3. Start with one spot. Be it a drawer, a rack, your shoes, or the clothes sitting in the dryer. Start small and keep pushing forward.
  4. Look for clothes you know you can part with. This will give you momentum. Once you start to see an actual pile to get rid of, you’ll be more likely to keep adding to that pile. The more free space you see in your closet, the more likely you’ll want to give that old shirt away.
  5. Donate your first load. Give yourself a break to reflect on what you’ve just achieved.
  6. The clothes you might want to keep. Go to this box and sift through it. There may be a few pieces you’re ready to get rid of. Let them go. As for the others, try wearing them for a whole day and see how you feel. If it worked and you really liked it, keep it. If you didn’t feel comfortable, give it away.
  7. Hang up your clothes in outfits. Because your pieces will likely be versatile, you can make several different outfits with just a few pieces. Hang them up in your favorite outfits so they are pleasing to see and easy to access. Now, you’ll be able to visually see any pieces that don’t go with your complete wardrobe.IMG_3463

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