Minimizing my Morning Routine

…and how I get ready in 15 minutes (including shower)

Ugh. I’d wake up and glare at the bathroom counter. So much hair product and styling tools and needless make-up. I don’t even wear make-up.

I came to the realization that I needed to decrease the time I was spending getting myself ready in the mornings. Not that I was spending a bunch of time doing so, but I despised the thought of getting ready in the mornings. I had flashbacks of when I used to have an office job (I’m a stay-at-home mom now) and I literally could have pulled my hair out thinking of all the time wasted trying to fix my hair.

So what did I do? Spoiler alert: boys have been hiding these secrets for centuries!


I started by shaving my head. Yep, that’s right, I shaved it off. Okay, really I shaved my head to raise funds for a charity, but none-the-less my hair was gone. I can remember my sweet, sweet stylist asking me, “Are you sure you want to do this?” and without hesitation I said, “Yes.” I sat in the chair with my long locks and had absolutely no second guesses. The buzzer came on and bye-bye went my hair. It was freeing and liberating. I had no connection to my hair. I didn’t cry or pout or think I was ugly. In fact, in that moment, I had never felt that beautiful in my entire life.

My shower time went from 15 minutes down to 5 minutes. I don’t have to shampoo, rinse, repeat, and condition. And time isn’t the only benefit to having short hair. My one year old is not hanging by my hair anymore, I don’t have to worry about it being lopsided, product and styling tools aren’t taking up my counter space, you can actually see the earrings I’m wearing, I don’t spend money on hair products (I use my husband’s hair putty). Not to mention, I don’t have to figure out a style for the day: curled, straightened, ponytail, teased? The benefits are nearly endless.

Well, now that my hair was extremely short, I wanted to find other ways I could minimize my time getting ready. I threw out all of my old make-up and trust me,I had a lot of it. I’m talking really old, like why the heck do I have crusty mascara? I started to think about what I actually wore. I never wear eye-shadow but on special occasions I’ll wear mascara, even lipstick. I organized what make-up I had left and now I know exactly where everything is. I keep a chapstick with me wherever I go, for a quick moisturizing if needed. If I forget to apply it while getting ready, I’m safe because I have one in my car.


My last post was about how I managed to minimize my wardrobe. No longer am I spending time searching for something to wear. I have a select few outfits I enjoy wearing and they are hung up accordingly in my closet. I’m not scrambling to find something that matches. My wardrobe is fairly neutral and appealing to my eyes. Everything I’ve kept, I feel comfortable wearing. In the mornings, I grab the first outfit and I’m ready to go.

How I look Presentable in 15 minutes

5 minutes :: Shower- wash hair, wash body, quick shave

3 minutes :: Towel dry hair, style hair with putty

3 minutes :: Brush teeth, moisturize face, deodorize, apply chapstick

3 minutes :: Get dressed

With a minute to spare to apply foundation, lipstick, start the coffee, hand out high-fives, or whatever else I’m feeling that day.

Now, I spend my mornings laughing with Brooks. I’m chatting with a friend. Drinking coffee and checking my emails. Reading. Getting chores done. I have so much more time to relax and enjoy my morning, instead of worrying about what clothes will hold up throughout the day, will my curls go flat, or did I rinse out all of the conditioner? Would you rather start your day feeling defeated or accomplished?

This is a game changer. A new lifestyle and it’s certainly not for everyone. This works for me and what I want to get out of my day, out of my life. I’m looking for comfort, peace, simplicity and intention. If I plan my day around those things, I’m better able to keep myself on track.




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